Planning & Flowcharting

Flowcharting is a great way to analyze a process and explain a complex procedure. Done properly, a flowchart explains the details of a process or plan so well that every step is fully understood and well-defined, not subject to interpretation. It enables the planners to gain further insights into a business process and stimulates creative thinking on how best to achieve a result. All possible scenarios are shown, with the steps taken for each, leaving no question about the path to each destination.

Flowcharting is an invaluable tool for planning a custom database system and is a great way to make your business a model of efficiency:

  • First, look at your business as a series of processes;
  • Then flowchart those processes and review the result;
  • Then build a database application and automated procedures that follow the agreed-upon final process.

If you think a good planning project is appropriate for you, I can take the lead on this and evolve the planning flowchart together with your planners.