Reducing Inefficiences

“Efficient” is defined as “productive without waste”. Efficiency is the hallmark of my service offerings.

“Inefficient” is defined as “wasteful of time or energy”. I seek out and destroy inefficiencies in your operation.

Sometimes my clients know something is inefficient, but more often they do not. When you know about an inefficiency, such as entering the same data into two different databases, all you need is someone, like me, who can solve the problem. More often, though, you DO NOT know there is an inefficiency. The reason: you are too close to it, or it is the way you have always done it, or you are not aware of solutions I have available to solve it. When I get involved with your business and discover what you do, I cannot avoid tripping over inefficiencies as I discover them. I will point them out and let you know how I can solve them.