About Jeff Fried

My name is Jeff Fried. I founded AMI in 1987 and chose the name Automated Marketing based on one of my first offerings, a strategic sales automation process I named Persistâ„¢. I now offer completely custom services to meet the unique requirements of each of my clients.

I develop applications and provide my stated services by myself. That’s all that is needed. On occasion, I may bring in another specialist for something beyond my capabilities or interests, but typically it is just me serving my clients. I therefore need to limit myself to relatively few clients in order to provide focus and excellence in execution.

Since “the buck stops with me”, and since I have the highest expectations for the quality of the services I deliver, I always have “my best man” on the job. For me, this is the ultimate in quality control.

Although I alone plan and develop your custom application with you, I use industry-standard development tools to get the job done. This benefits you in that if I were somehow no longer available, there are many other developers who can support the work I have done.

My background includes a great education as a Wharton MBA graduate as well as working for some outstanding companies before going off on my own (SEI Corporation, Citibank, Pepsico, CNA).

My main interest in the services I provide is to improve efficiency in operations. We all have our own areas of interest and skills. Mine is measuring the “before and after” of an assignment and asking, “Have I moved this business unit to a higher level of operating capability?” If I can’t answer “yes” to this, then my job isn’t done.