Since 1987, AMI has been designing and developing custom database solutions that address the unique problems of businesses like yours with services such as:

  • Developing new custom database applications
  • Revising existing database applications
  • Managing the data from existing databases

One of my unique strengths is in finding truly automated solutions that help businesses run more efficiently. By “truly automated”, I mean that no user intervention is required. Your employees are “hands-off” when it comes to these tasks. This works to the benefit of management and employees alike since it makes the business move along more efficiently, reduces errors and omissions, and eliminates much of the lower-level activities that consume so much of your employees’ work day.

Working with your data, I can address other problems by providing reports or automated solutions such as emails that are automatically generated from “the system”.

Some examples of my work can be found in the Services section of this website. The right solution for your problem is probably not listed there as it will be unique to your business, so maybe I haven’t invented it yet!

Contact me to learn how I can create a custom database solution to help your unique business.